Here's how to win an iphone 4 or IPAD


Freebiejeebies - receive cash prizes and 100% free

Hello Boys - Today I will explain how this site works
FreebieJeebies and a U.S. site - English What makes gifts in exchange for advertising the site
Practice should invite other people and make them register at the site to get points if we can call them
Each call is a
There is a wide range of awards to be chosen from various sections and register those who are more interested in Apple-HDTV-phones-Console-Sport .... or us the opportunity to choose a prize to be chosen among a set of sections for info go to the section Select.freebiejeebies Forum
On this site you can decide if you want the premiums or is there a possibility that the custom order and practically able to receive money on paypal are about 17 19 converted to contact you do register, but the best thing is that it is possible take an object of any other section of course always having the corresponding points <
In order to do everything you need to register on the site over to you favorite "you can also register for multiple sites" you must complete an offer that is priced or free - I recommend the offer Intuit and free for us Italian users - Who would have problems that just posting a topic in the Support section
in order to receive the offer you have a credit card but there is a very easy way not to list ^ _ ^ cmq I made and I climbed a penny
One other thing Shipments for the awards will be made by England or Italy from what they told me then do not pay it no expense to shipping and customs 100% Free
I would like to list another point ... the media. you get a response from the media after a few minutes made the demand, hence we understand the seriousness of a site

to register you must click on the site in question and then you complete the offer
here is the link to sign up under me


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